Friday, May 09, 2014

Punge Expo 2014

More than 20 exhibitors from all over the world took part in Punge Expo 2014, which opened last week at the Heritageville Convention and Exhibition Centre (HCEC). The fair offered buyers and sellers alike the latest services and business solutions, as well as market intelligence, innovative ideas, networking events and myriad business opportunities for Forward Thinking Enterprises.
  Under the theme, “Working Harder to Make Your World Different,” some 20 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions took part in Punge Expo 2014. This year’s expo spotlighted a great range of issues and opportunities. They included social-media marketing and mobile commerce, SMV upgrading, Eurasia sales strategies and franchising prospects. The Orville Corporation lent a heavy presence with many of their cutting-edge tech exhibitions. Other corporate entities present were the Pan-Martian Consortium, The Gristle Restaurant Franchises LLC, and Takostan National Gas Exports.
  There was more global creativity at the Expo’s Inspiration Hall. Under the theme, “Must-Have-From-Orville,” the Orville pavilion presented nearly 10 tech approaches offering a smart range of social manipulation tools, showcasing PSYOPS offerings in a mix of traditional and contemporary methods.
In an informal “beanbag sesh,” Orville CEO Johnny Gutts introduced the “vPunge.”
“While competitors position themselves in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ — not too hot, not too cold — Orville places their cloud products in the ‘Pungilocks’ zone. Too hot AND too cold. How do they do this? Seems impossible! Kelvin, Newton, and Einstein would all profess that the laws of nature and physics disallow this.
  I say: Those guys are dicks!
  They didn't have vPunge. What is vPunge?
  vPunge: Proximity-aware virtual pungeoning applications in the cloud.
  Unstructured pungeoning accounts for 71% of 2013’s world wide growth in cloud systems.
  Too hot, too cold, too comforting, too hostile. That’s the future of pungeoning in the cloud. Leveraging existing technology across marketing channels to enhance cognitive dissonance.”
Above: Expo participants view “End of World Scenario” video presentation, whilst enjoying catering by The Gristle Restaurant Franchises LLC.
“Try the veal.”

  Numerous live events were held throughout the day, showcasing new product launches, tech demonstrations, free coffee tastings, booth babes and many more fun and informative activities. People weren’t shy about coming to say “Hi!” or sneak a selfie with Orville Corp. artiste Johnny Gutts as he interacted and entertained at the heartily-received event.
  Event Registrants who produced the Orville JECK 2.0 Event RSVP confirmation email got to redeem a FREE Goodie Bag worth US$85.

At the introduction of Orville’s User Satisfaction Accelerators™, the crowd remained rapt.
“Scale up, scale out.
  “The system expedites aggregate pungeoning into virtual ‘buckets.’ Take those ‘pBuckets,’ replicate them, and spread them across cloud data pools. With delta-based snapshots, user-driven entities can preserve pungeon initiatives for multiple point-in-time copies. With vPunge Recover Points, (vPunge-RP) you can roll back to replay a particular pungeoning over and over.
  “With the geo-pungeoning option, replica pungeoning pBuckets can be distributed over mandated geographic expanses. Across states, countries — even continents.”
Next year’s Punge Expo 2015 is already past the planning stages. Expect even more groundbreaking tech from Orville and their corporate associates. Won’t you join us?