Wednesday, May 28, 2014

De dalende Waas van de Zomer

Sic infit.
One first notices it off at the horizon. The air thickens with a tawny pall as the mercury climbs. Late afternoons grow lazy and the land/sky boundary blurs in a milky haze with hints of pale ochre, diluted caerulean and dishwater blonde.
  The muted palette under a heavy sun is itself a Cue for the Visions.
  This is the sky above the fields of kudzu rustling in the dying breeze off Pauskil Lane.
  The firmament over the honeysuckle-and-creosote-laden iron byways of Classic City.
  On the outskirts of town, this is the canopy above the Bad Energy Ranch. A dull train whistle in the key of G echoes in the distance through the gauze.
  Ecce: such an abstraction in the universe as a simple colour, tint and hue for the power it has to evoke visions plucked from across the spectrum of time and place.