Friday, May 30, 2014

Alien Retort: An Olive Branch

Communiqué from entity “P-Rod,” Q23-Level liaison to High Council of Zarg, Grand Praetor of Xarnaq IV, regarding “Alien Choke-Out”:

  Monitored transmissions of your rival planetary factions, along with unforeseen tactical abilities of said factions has led to a reassessment by the High Council regarding agendae, strategic goals and meta-conditional contingencies.
  The Praetorium’s stance is but a defensive one, reconnoitering far-flung worlds in search of not only self-destructive civilizations, but destructive ones that may pose a threat to others once they advance to an interstellar threshold.
  Yours is a world torn, and now the Praetorium can clearly see the divide between the constructive and destructive factions in your peculiar system.
  The process you call “pungeoning” has taken the Praetorium aback — an unforeseen advancement by your species. Basic and primitive by the Praetorium’s standards, nonetheless it is not only a sign of your progress, but also an exploitable tactic that can be applied and augmented to the psionic abilities of the Praetorium’s very own species.
  We have much to learn. We all try to see what you call “the big picture.” It is both exciting and overwhelming, even from our advanced view.
  An optimistic dialogue regarding commerce and trade has begun between our worlds. The Grand Praetor he/she/itself is much impressed with your people’s generosity and is eager to open trade relations after sampling such viable commodities you call “tobacco” and “alcohol.”
  We’ll be in touch.

— P-Rod

cc: His/Her/Its Most Exalted Highness Zarg, Grand Praetor of Xarnaq IV
cc: High Council of Xarnaq IV