Thursday, May 29, 2014

Alien Choke-Out: Fading Fantasy

Case Study:
BBACBL SOP: Intimidation, Strong-Arm Tactics
APF SOP: PSYOPS, Pungeoning

In the contested struggle with ever-present Visitors, the action plans of certain factions (such as the BubbaCabal) default to a brawn-based approach. This method may have worked for their Neanderthal forebears millennia ago, but is currently futile against cultures millennia ahead of them.
  Still, the pipe dream persists of “getting back” at the perceived enemy, or putting the Visitor “in his [sic] place.” Smaller minds refuse to accept the fact that one can’t waterboard an alien (respective of current power differentials).
  The unstated goal of these factions is power for power’s sake, so it is no surprise that their ops are unsavoury, not to mention ineffectual.
  On the other hand, factions such as the Allied Pungeoning Front use an adaptive approach regarding the Visitors. Freedom, not power, is one of their underlying tenets, so simple brute force is a last resort, rather than a first.
  Modifying and adjusting existing tactics is a time-tested method, going back to the machinations of Machiavelli and up to the present-day ploys of pungeoning.
  In fact, pungeoning itself was the sole tactic that helped overcome the Visitors’ psionic upper hand. A taste of their own medicine, if you will.
  Forward-thinkers are behooved to eschew “alien choke-out” fantasies that lead to nowhere... or worse.
  Accommodatote, Adolescitote, Ascenditote.