Saturday, July 26, 2014

“Minimalist Luxury with
CEO Johnny Gutts”

From the August 2014 issue of Haute Fresh:

CEO’s are great at many things, but relaxing generally isn’t one of them. Many use only a minimum of their time off, and even whilst on holiday, they’re often still ‘on the clock.’ Yet they surround themselves with virtual appendages linking them back to the office, unable to let their brain take a deep breath and clear the mental miasma to regain a balanced perspective.
  One executive who takes his corporate detox seriously is Johnny Gutts, CEO of the Orville Corporation. Eighty-hour work weeks running multi-faceted corporate endeavours is no doubt taxing, and understandably Mr Gutts has an Alpine retreat to dilute the demands from the corporate arena. But this is where the semblance between Mr Gutts’ getaways and those of other CEO’s differs.
  “Chalet Gutts” indeed overlooks the Eastern Alps, but it is fitted with no indoor plumbing.

No electricity. No Caracole designer chairs or Fabrica rugs. The high-tech CEO of Orville actually enjoys a cabin empty of amenities, Kaczynski-style.
  “Tai Chi in front of the [kitchen] grill, reading by candlelight, snowboarding, tending my smokehouse... I have many ways to relax the mind,” Gutts notes nonchalantly.
 Whilst some may find this particular getaway lacking, Mr Gutts assures it is made up for with the hearty esprit de corps of Orville’s employees. Chalet Gutts is also used for management retreats and seminars, from whence executives emerge refreshened and energised. Orville also takes advantage of the site’s Neutral Nation status with the addition of a basement Pungeon Chamber that is unfettered by unreasonable UN dictates.

Features of Chalet Gutts:
• Sleeps 6 with 3 double bedrooms
• Wood fireplace/grill
• Traditional outdoor plumbing
• Mountain views
• 9 min. to slopes
• Private location
• Former car park doubles as helipad
• Cozy and romantic old wood feel
• Basement pungeonary
• Full concierge service by trained rhesus monkeys