Monday, July 21, 2014

Punge Procedural 23F:
The Hard Sell/Bad Cop

Punge Procedural 23F is often used as a “last resort” in re-/de-programming protocols with subjects who are resistant, antagonistic or unresponsive to other procedurals. This particular process includes a strong chemical “cocktail” but the main motivating procedure involves the heavy use of memetic implantation in the host as well as ontological card-shuffling with aberrant psyches. These are psyches that stray too far with a (weak) psycho/moral hygiene that threaten the social fabric with standard Cluster B personality disorders.
  Languid yet stubborn minds tend to have a psychological necessity for an “Emmanuel Goldstein” in order to unite and focus their frustrations with what is ultimately self-unfulfillment. Fortunately, this tendency towards scapegoating can be reversed with the PP-23F procedural to implement a subconscious superego presence with a “firm, guiding hand” to steer said psyches in a socially constructive fashion.
  Reason itself was never a factor in the first place of how subjects’ minds got to where they are. And so with psychological correction, the memetic implants often persuade using shame, fear and embarrassment, to the dismay of some critics.
  Orville stands proudly by the successful record of Punge Procedural 23F.