Sunday, July 13, 2014

Punge Procedural 86-02:

A PNGN technique recently declassified by the Orville Corporation/APF is Reverse-Gaslighting (PP86-02): a form of psychological elucidation in which factual information is presented with the intent of shattering a delusional individual’s own prior self-deceptions, misperceptions and insanity. It may simply be the negation of inculcated phantasms, or it could be the staging of psychological interventions with the intention of reorienting the victim to reality.

A central aspect of RG is Reality Affirmation — denial of false/implanted events, and vivification of factual events.

RG can be approached using varying combinations of the following methods:

• Depsycholeptics
• Psychic Detrusion
• MW auditory effect
• Voice to Skull (or “V2K”)
• Tapfermann Continuation
• Pharmatronic Applications
• Sleight of Mind

These applications are commonly used at most pungeonaries as well as in the field.